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Steel doors are designed to offer characteristic charm and heritage appeal, whilst providing an excellent standard of performance and efficiency.

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Structural Glass Steel Doors Supplied & Installed Across London & the UK

At Finepoint, we offer cutting edge steel doors that have been crafted to offer beautiful designs, perfect for any residential or commercial property.

Enhance Your Property with Steel Look Doors

Our collection of steel doors in London are the perfect choice for your property that bring harmony between quality grade steel, modern manufacturing techniques and clever innovations. The standard of doors that we offer are crafted to only offer an exceptional standard of design and performance, that will truly enhance every property they’re installed into.

Investing in structural steel glass doors means you can expect fantastic performance. This includes unrivalled standards of durability and security, amongst better thermal performance and weatherproofing properties. With this in mind, our London steel doors are ideal for your property, perfectly combining design and functionality, whilst bringing lasting value to your residential or commercial property.

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Designed to Offer Exceptional Quality

Boasting an excellent standard of versatility, our steel doors in London and the UK are perfect for a range of different architecture styles and buildings. We are able to offer you a bespoke range of profiles that can be tailored to suit your exact project requirements and fit perfectly into your residential or commercial building.

When manufacturing our steel doors, we use precision engineered steel materials. This allows us to provide you with an inherently robust structure that will provide fantastic durability and longevity.

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Benefits of Choosing Steel Doors in London & the UK

A naturally robust and hardwearing material, steel is able to withstand both adverse weather conditions and any forceful attempts. The inherent strength is further enhanced by the fittings of multi point locking systems that are professionally tested to ensure that the security of the doors remains at a high standard year after year.

At Finepoint, we only work with the best manufacturers, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re investing in only the best steel doors. We work with industry leading brand SECCO, who are renowned for providing high quality systems designed to last.

You can put your trust in Finepint, and our expert team will provide you with an outstanding client service that you can be proud of. For more information on the benefits of our steel doors, please contact our friendly team today.

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Steel Doors Tailored to You

We understand that when upgrading your property, choosing the right steel doors will require a personal touch. This is why we offer a selection of customisable structural steel doors. With us, you can find the perfect fit, and design the perfect set of steel doors that suit the architecture of you or your clients’ properties.

We can provide you with a range of colours, special finishes and an excellent choice of hardware and accessories. This gives you complete control over every aspect of the design and appearance.

Our range of special finishes are incredibly unique, and will instantly create a bespoke focal point for all to envy. If you would like to find out more about the range of finishes we offer including corten-steel, and how you can tailor the designs of steel doors to your London or UK home, then get in touch with the Finepoint team today.

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Glazing Options

As with most of our systems at Finepoint, we can fit a range of bespoke glazing into our steel doors. Depending on the type of performance you want your structural steel doors to offer, we can provide you with the perfect glazing solution. With the option of either triple or double glazing, this will not only provide you with robust glass but also offer exceptional thermal performance with U-values as low as 1.3

Our range of glazing options includes heated glass, insulating glass, privacy glass, electro-chromic glass as well as fire rated glass. The choice is up to you.

Steel Doors Prices, London & the UK

At Finepoint, we can provide you with an incredible collection of steel doors for your London or UK residential or commercial property. Our prices for steel windows are competitive and affordable and will be tailored to suit your desired budget. On top of this, we also offer architects the opportunity to take part in our CPD presentations.

If you are interested in upgrading your building with steel doors, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Finepoint team. We can provide you with a free quote and give you a guide price of what to expect for your new steel doors in London or the UK.

If you have any additional questions about your steel doors project, then you can also contact our team on 01923 229 949 or send any queries you have via our online form.


  • What is the difference between aluminium doors and steel doors?

    Thermally broken steel doors have higher integrity when it comes to weathering and as steel is a stronger material than aluminium, using steel makes it possible to achieve slimmer sight lines.

  • When should you use a steel door?

    Thermally broken steel doors can be used in both commercial and residential projects, they can go up to 4 metres high, and can also be used to achieve a fully openable door with an arched head.

  • What is the durability of steel door?

    Doors made of steel typically have a lifespan of at least 30 years when they are built and maintained correctly.

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