Glass Balustrades.

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Extremely Flexible and Stunning Glass Balustrades

We’ve designed and installed glass balustrades for residential and commercial customers in London and UK-wide. The popularity of this glass system is due in part to its inherent flexibility, as it can be used as part of the design in an atrium or staircase. If your project is diverse, we’ll find a glass balustrade with the capacity to respond.

Glass balustrades are practical and visual value to any structure. Whether you need to install a glass stair balustrade – or something altogether different – you’ll notice the transformative effect your installation has on its surrounding area. A sense of space will immediately be created, resulting in an environment that’s light and bright.

Because glass is transparent, your nominated space won’t suffer from the absence of light. This means the time and effort you’ve invested in renovating your home or business in London won’t go unnoticed. Your interior will, instead, be revealed in all its contemporary splendour. Contact us today for a glass balustrade cost for your project.

Glass Balustrades are Strong and Easy to Maintain

The intrinsic strength of our glass balustrades means they won’t let you down. Glass is often thought of as fragile and prone to breaking. In fact, our products are extremely strong and have been designed with longevity in mind. Whether you want a glass stair balustrade, or something different, your installation will be long-lasting.

We install glass balustrades for homes and business in London and UK-wide. The products we use never suffer from corrosion and, unlike wood, won’t be susceptible to problems like pest infestation. Your new glass balcony railing will continue to provide lasting value for decades, which means you won’t need to worry about replacing it.

Our Glass Balustrades are Flexible

Glass blends in with any modern design and material. It’s this inherent adaptability that makes it a popular choice for residential and business customers – not just in London, but UK-wide – who are looking for a versatile product that can respond to the demands of their design project.

If you want to add a glass stair balustrade to a room in your home or place of business, you could offset its modern appearance by using a range of materials. Wood, stone and metal could be used as part of your design plan to create a unique and eye-catching contemporary look.

We understand how important safety and security are to you. Our glass balustrades are built with strength in mind and can resist extreme structural pressure. In the unlikely event your glass was to break, it wouldn’t fragment into sharp segments, which means no one would be harmed.

Benefit from improved safety and security, but without compromising on aesthetics, when you ask Finepoint to install glass balustrades at your place of work or in your home. Whether you live in London – or somewhere else in the UK – we’ll help you locate a unique and modern design.


Discover the Glass Balustrade Cost for Your Project

Finepoint Glass has worked on many residential and commercial projects for customers in London and throughout the UK. Our innovative approach – combined with our extensive product range – means that we can fulfil your design requirements, no matter what their scale or how complex.

We work with carefully sourced partners like AluK and Vetrotech to ensure our glass balustrades meet industry-leading levels of quality. We can further support your design endeavours with a portfolio of high-performing sliding doors, structural glass and Uber front doors.

To find out the glass balustrade cost for your home or business project, please contact us by calling 01923 229049 or use our online booking system to make an appointment. You can also visit us at our showroom to take a closer look at our glass balustrades, and any other products of interest.

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