Structural Glass Extensions

Effortlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces in London and the UK with our unique structured glass box extensions. Read more below or enquire with Finepoint today.

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Allow natural light to illuminate your property with structurally glazed box extensions.

Structural glass extensions for architects and homeowners in commercial & residential spaces in London & the UK.

Glass Extensions That Offer Uninterrupted Views

Our glazed extensions in the UK, otherwise known as glass box extensions, are designs and built by structural glazing experts & architects in London. We understand the importance of a high quality structure and the use of natural light which is why we dedicate ourselves to creating a visual masterpiece that also performs well.

Together, we are able to create a functional glass room extension with minimal sightlines that offers uninterrupted views of the outside world. Read on for more information about our structural glass extensions and request your free design consultation!

Structural Glazing in London & the UK

Incorporate Smart Glass Into Your Design.

We understand that the temperature within the new structural glass extensions may be affected with the seasons. The glazing we use for our projects as standard holds high thermal efficient properties that will help to maintain a comfortable temperate all year round.

However, we also offer a wide range of Smart Glass options that will improve the condition of your glazed room even further. View our range of heated glass, electrochromic glass as well as privacy glass to benefit from a smart glass extension in London or anywhere in the UK.

Enhance Your Structural Glass Extension.

Our extensions offer a sleek and modern aesthetic so we recommend our selection of slimline aluminium doors that will complement your new structural glass extensions. We offer sliding doors that reach up to 6m in height, so you can prepare the grandest entrance for your visitors.

We also provide sliding doors with minimal sightlines from our London office, as well as a range of slimline folding doors. Be sure to discuss your structural glass extension door options with our team of architects and designers to find out which is best to suit its purpose and your new glass structure.

glazed extensions london

Stunning Visuals with Structural Glass Extensions

If you are looking at a glazed or glass box extension, you will benefit from the fantastic views that will come from such a large glazed area. Natural light will flood in, connecting you to the outside world. This will also help to illuminate the structural glass extensions, giving the illusion of extra space.

Our glazed extensions are the perfect solution for architects that are looking for a structural glass room. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, our structural glass extensions offer beautiful landscapes into the outside world. Our glazed extensions work by encouraging nature to be framed and part of indoor living. Create an elegant dining area for your a London restaurant, or create an indoor-outdoor glazed room in your home that allows you to enjoy your space all year round.

Slim aluminium frames ensure that you will benefit from large structurally glazed areas that will truly enhance your experience.

Structural Glass Extensions London
Structural Glass Extension across UK

Expertly Designed Glass Extensions

One of our priorities when having a structurally glazed extension installed is that of thermal efficiency. If done incorrectly, your new structural glass extensions could lose heat to the point you will have to increase your energy consumption. When choosing Finepoint Glass, you are choosing unrivalled installation quality, which will help you protect your room all year round.

We will ensure that your architectural glass box extension functions to the best of its ability. You will find that you are protected from the rain, wind and snow. Not only this, your heating will be kept within your building. This means that you will save money on your energy bills as well as working hard to reduce your carbon footprint.

Glass Box Extensions London & UK

Bespoke Glass Box Extensions

We offer our clients in London and the UK the opportunity to work with us on the design and structure of the glazed extensions that we build. This is to ensure you have the exact product you are after, but with the professional guidance of our team and architects.

Aluminium is one of the most durable but lightweight materials which is why it is the forefront of our designs within architectural and structural glazing. We can create bespoke designs with minimal framing and large expanses of glass due to the premium grade aluminium we use.

Whatever the type of property you own – whether in London or elsewhere in the UK – we’ll be able to tailor the appearance and performance of your product to suit your requirements fully. We are involved from the first step of planning, all the way to the final quality checks.

Alongside our range of smart glass that can help to transform your structural glass extension, we also provide a variety of finishes for your aluminium profile. This can range from Cor-Ten Steele, Bronze finished and even Anodised Aluminium.

Be sure to ask our architects about the range of special finishes available for your structurally glazed extension, London.

Free Design Consultations for Glass Extensions in London & the UK

If you would like more information about our structural glass extensions in London, please get in touch with us. You can let us know your interest via our free design consultation tool, book an appointment, or send us a message on our contact form. For a quicker result, please call us on 01923 229 949.

One of our helpful and friendly customer service members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our glazed extensions as well as our other products and services. We have a team of accredited architects and structural glass experts on hand.

Finepoint Glass plan, design and install glazed extensions and other architectural glazing systems for customers in London and throughout the UK. We can work on both residential and commercial projects – there is no project too big or too small for us. We are highly skilled in glass manufacturing and aluminium fabrication. Our speciality is designing and installing bespoke glass installations for our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • What are glass extensions?

    A glass extension is an extension of your home mainly made up of glazing. They can be used for any room but work especially well as kitchens and living rooms.

  • Will my glass extension stay warm in winter and cool in summer?

    Modern glass box extensions offer superb thermal efficiency with solar control double glazing, like our bespoke window range.

  • Are glass extensions better than brick?

    Glass extensions have the advantage over brick extensions in that they allow in more light.

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