Finepoint's Technical Glass: Precision and Quality

Here at Finepoint Glass, we offer a range of technical glass solutions in London and around the UK. Our glass solutions are manufactured using high quality glass and available with a range of bespoke functional features. Fitted into a range of residential or commercial properties, the technical glass we supply will add luxury appeal and enhanced performance.

Our heated glass will efficiently heat the space within your property using radiant heat that’s generated within the large glass panels.

Insulated glass offers triple glazing performance and 30% less weight. This is ideal for properties where improved thermal performance is needed.

Our liquid heated glass can switch from clear to opaque and back again, providing a modern alternative for curtains and blinds.

With the option to control the glass via phone, you can electronically tint the glass to control both the glair and solar gain.

Fire rated glass from Finepoint helps to protect your property and act as a barrier that prevents smoke and flames from spreading.

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