Slimline Aluminium Internal Bifold Doors

Sleek, sophisticated Unifold bi-fold doors, perfect for seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces in London and throughout the UK. Read more or enquire with Finepoint today.

aluminium bifold doors london

Slimline Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors – beautiful and secure.

Bi-fold doors are a set of two or more glass doors that open in a concertina style, neatly folding flat when open. Unifold Aluminium BiFold doors are a feature of many modern residential & commercial projects, combining flexibility in terms of style and design. Offering a slimline profile, we can help you to create a modern and stunning space in Greater London & the UK.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Provide Superb Ventilation

Because our slimline bi-fold doors retract to almost threshold length, they create a wide aperture that’s perfect for inducting fresh air into your chosen space. During warmer weather, your folding sliding doors can be fully opened to create an unbroken connection with the outside – keeping you and any visitors to your London home cool.

The improved ventilation provided by doors will stop condensation from forming. This means you won’t need to worry about the build-up of mould, which, if left untreated, would be time-consuming and expensive to treat. Your slim doors will be an investment that protects your London home 24/7.

aluminium folding doors london

Add Style and Save Money

Finepoint Glass designs, manufactures, and installs aluminium bi-fold doors in London and the UK. Our slimline doors are optimised for thermal efficiency. Although incredibly stylish, our bi-folds deliver superb levels of performance that’ll keep your London home warm.

The profile in your new aluminium bi-folding doors will contain a polyamide thermal break and be fitted with glazing that’s between 24-44mm thick. These features will work together to prevent heat escaping from your room.

Strong performance is evidenced by the U-values produced by our slimline doors, which produce a minimum score of 1.4 W/m²K. Your energy bills will reduce once we’ve installed your new products, as will your carbon footprint.

aluminium bifold doors london

Industry-Leading Security for Your London Property

Although our aluminium bi-fold doors open wide to create a superb access point, they won’t make it easy for intruders to gain entry. Security is one of our primary considerations when designing ultra slim doors for our London customers.

To protect your home or business premises, we make sure that our slimline folding doors meet PAS 24 and Secured by Design specifications. This means your product will robustly resist most attempts to gain unauthorised access to your property or premises.

aluminium folding doors UK

Our Aluminium Bi-Folds are Perfect for Homes & Businesses

Although aluminium bi-fold doors are often used in residential settings, their versatile design means they’re often used for commercial projects too. If you own a business in London and need a stylish door design that’ll add an all-important finishing touch to your project, our beautiful internal doors will suit your requirements in full.

The absence of frames in our internal aluminium folding doors results in clean, minimalist designs that look stylish. They are ideally suited for meeting rooms, providing both privacy and visibility in equal measure. The expansive glazed areas that characterise your folding doors will also transfer light into adjoining rooms to create a more connected space.

Size limits


Maximum panel width 1200mm
Maximum panel height 3000mm
Maximum panel weight 120kg
Threshold height Standard 55mm
Deep 67.5mm
Low 40mm
Ultra Low 20mm
Glazing thickness 24-44mm
Glazing method Internally beaded
Minimum Sightline 120mm
Enhanced Security PAS24
Frame depth 73mm
U-Value From 1.4 W/m²K
Air permeability Class 4
Water tightness Class 9A
Wind resistance Class A3
Slimline folding glass door systems UK

High-Performing, Simply Stunning Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors fulfil a range of important functions. They let in light, communicate beautiful sightlines – from the outside and the inside – and open to almost threshold length, resulting in a wide access point that’s perfect for entertaining. Our ultra slim aluminium bi-fold system connect interior spaces and join the main body of a home to its adjoining garden.

Our glass bifold doors are flexible in design, in that they can be used to serve a multitude of different functions. Whether you’re a residential customer looking to add value to your London home, or a business owner seeking an original design solution to bring your premises to life, you’ll be able to find what you need when you choose Finepoint Glass.

bifolding doors london

Enjoy Fluid Threshold Access

The simple and convenient operation of aluminium bi-fold doors makes them an enduringly popular choice for our customers in London. The flexible design of this style of door enables them to collapse into panels that stack neatly to the side of the building in question – creating an almost threshold-wide access point that will allow people to come and go as they please.

Ultra slim bi-fold doors will benefit your space greatly when your property is busy. During busier times – when you’re entertaining, perhaps – visitors will be able to pass back and forth across the threshold of your London home without having to take turns. At all other times, they’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of your garden and refreshing night breezes.

Our Bi-Fold Doors Will Fill Your London Home with Light

Aluminium is an intrinsically flexible material that can be used to create fine, minimalistic designs. Our Unifold aluminium bi-fold doors conform to a low frame-to-glass ratio that’s optimised for light entry. The expansive glazed areas in your new doors will invite in plenty of sunlight, which will create a sense of space and join your interior spaces seamlessly.

Our slimline bi-fold doors are, therefore, a perfect design choice if you want to breathe life into a room that feels dark and has become a rarely-used space as a result. Convert a lightless conservatory, extension or living area into a functional area and make your home more appealing to prospective buyers, should you wish to sell your London home later.

Do You Have a Question About Our Glass BiFold Doors?

For more information, call us on 01923 229 949 or use our contact page to send us a message. You can also visit our showroom, in which case you’ll be able to take a closer look at our range of aluminium bi-fold doors. We can also supply some guideline quotes open request.

Finepoint Glass offer beautiful architectural aluminium bifold doors throughout the UK. For more information and slimline door prices, get in touch!


  • Do bifold doors need maintenance?

    Bifold doors are a great addition to your home but, in order for them to remain fully functional and prevent damage, regular maintenance is required.

  • How long do bifold doors last?

    Aluminium bifolds and doors are, hence, expected to have a life expectancy of 45 years, which can be almost double that of uPVC 25-35 year expectancy. Aluminium’s strength allows us to offer market leading sash sizes of up to 1200 mm wide or 3000 mm tall.

  • Do bifold doors lose heat?

    If you are removing a large section of brick to fit bi-fold doors, you could lose more heat as windows will usually let more heat escape than brick walls.

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