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Versatile, high specifications casement windows for all projects in London and the UK. Read more or enquire to Finepoint today.

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Traditional or Flush glazed options.

Our beautiful, bespoke casement windows offer a range of design solutions.


Our stunning aluminium casement windows in London are made from aluminium. Compared to other materials, aluminium is incredibly strong, and less of it is needed to provide structural integrity. This means it will stand up to harsh weather conditions and continue to add lasting value to your home or premises in London.

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Wooden windows require ongoing maintenance. If improperly maintained, they can rot or warp. Aluminium casement windows won’t corrode or expand when exposed to extreme environmental changes. Instead, they will retain their composition and strong performance and aesthetic value in the long-term.

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Aluminium casement windows are built using a low frame-to-glass ratio. This results in the creation of an expansive glazed area that lets in lots of light and connects the outside to the inside. Your home or premises in London will benefit from glazing that looks stunning, whether it’s viewed from within or without.

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Thermal Efficiency

Our commercial aluminium windows are built with thermal efficiency in mind. Although aluminium isn’t a natural insulator, the polyamide thermal break in the profile of each window we install prevents heat escaping.

Trickle vents installed in our London aluminium casement windows ensure warm moist air is filtered outside. Your interior space will be well ventilated, and condensation will be prevented, thanks to the energy efficient profile of your newly installed windows.

The combination of aluminium and high-performing architectural glazing in your slimline aluminium casement windows will reward you with an energy rating of A. Your home or premises in London will be the perfect temperature year-round.

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Our Slimline Aluminium Windows Will Protect Your Home or Premises

Safety matters as much as aesthetics and performance when it comes to choosing the right aluminium casement windows. Our products have been designed, tested and manufactured with your safety and protection in mind.

The aluminium casements windows we install for our residential and commercial customers in London meets the strict criteria defined by Secured by Design. This means that your newly installed product will perform to a market-leading standard.

Protecting your home or business premises from most unauthorised attempts to gain access will be within your grasp when you choose aluminium casement windows from Finepoint Glass. Contact us for more information and prices.

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Aluminium Casement Windows and More for Your Home or Business

Finepoint is an architectural glazing specialist that manufacturers and fabricates a range of high-performing aluminium casement windows and other products for residential and commercial customers – in London and throughout the UK. Whether you opt for aluminium casement windows or a variation on this design, you’ll only need to worry about one point of contact. Finepoint will deal with all aspects of the work: from concept through to manufacture and installation. The glazing used in our aluminium casement windows is market-leading and can be altered to suit the specification of each project. From structural glass, through to insulated and fire rating alternatives, we have a solution that’s right for you. Our continually evolving product portfolio enables us to respond to projects of any scale. Complement your new aluminium casement windows in London with slim frame or bi-fold doors and bring your interior to life with a bespoke glass staircase.

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Slimline Aluminium Casement Windows Designed to Your Precise Specification

Making sure your aluminium casement windows tie in with the themes and schemes of your home is important. Finepoint Glass will consult closely with you before work commences to identify your design objectives in full. You’ll be able to choose from a range of designs, including standard and French casement windows that are top, side or bottom hung. To ensure your frames match, you’ll be able to specify which colours you want internally and externally.

The architectural glazing used in your slimline aluminium windows will be available in two formats – internal or external glazing. Whichever option you choose, your home or business premises in London will be warm and stylish. Our team will also be able to discuss what frame depth you want your aluminium casement windows to be. Your product can be modified to a dimension of 58mm or 70mm, which means you’ll be able to locate a design that suits your requirements.

Our team will also be able to discuss what frame depth you want your aluminium casement windows to be. Your product can be modified to a dimension of 58mm or 70mm, which means you’ll be able to locate a design that suits your requirements.

Find Out More About Our High-Performing Aluminium Casement Windows

Finepoint Glass holds a range of industry accreditations and memberships. Our market-leading products perfectly balance aesthetics and performance, resulting in aluminium casement windows that succeed on every level. Your newly-installed products will add value to your home or business premises in London.

Finepoint Glass is a manufacturer and fabricator, which means you will only need to worry about one point of contact. Our teams are based within the M25, so distance won’t be an issue when you ask us to install your aluminium casement windows. You can view our slimline aluminium windows by visiting us at our London showroom. If you prefer, you can call us on 01923 229 949 or use our contact page to send us a message.


  • What is a casement window?

    A casement window is any window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. Specifically, windows attached to the frame on the side (windows hinged at the top are awning windows, but more on that later.)

  • Why is a casement window different?

    They Provide Excellent Ventilation – The hinged design of the casement allows the window to swing fully open, making casement windows ideal for large rooms that require lots of airflow.

  • How secure are casement windows?

    The quick answer to this question is a casement window is one of the safest types of windows for a home because when it’s closed and latched, it can’t be opened from outside.

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