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At Finepoint, we can provide you with a stunning collection or aluminium roof lanterns that have been manufactured and designed to offer incredible performance and visuals to properties across London and the UK.

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Modern aluminium lantern roofs designed to bring a bright and airy feel to any property.

Enjoy endless amounts of natural light and ultra slim sightlines with our bespoke roof lanterns.

Enhance Your London or UK Property with Aluminium Roof Lanterns

If you live in London or elsewhere in the UK, and are looking for a stunning way to upgrade your residential or commercial building then our collection of roof lanterns are the ideal solution. We offer only an exceptional standard of roof lantern products that have been carefully crafted and designed to provide outstanding performance and beautiful designs.

The roof lanterns profile come with ultra slim sightlines and large expanses of glazing, allowing your property to be filled with great amounts of natural light all through the year. The designs can be specified to suit any style of property and sized to suit a range of both larger and smaller spaces.

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Enjoy Exceptional Roof Lanterns Performance

The profile height of the UK roof lanterns stands at 82mm and can feature glazing that is between 28mm-50mm thick. This is structurally bonded to the frame, which improves the standard of performance and provides outstanding thermal performance.

You can enjoy U-values as low as 1.0, which helps to keep your UK or London property comfortable to use throughout the tear. Warm air will be retained for longer, which in turn, will help to reduce energy bill costs. Additionally, the roof lanterns are manufactured using only high quality aluminium and toughened glazing that is able to withstand adverse weather and provide you and your residential or commercial property with long lasting and efficient performance.

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Contemporary Roof Lanterns Designed to offer Ultra-Modern Appeal

When choosing Finepoint for your new aluminium roof lanterns, you can enjoy an ultra slim design that feature some of the slimmest sightlines on the market. The increase in light transmission will help to illuminate a property and provide a beautifully bright and airy space for you to enjoy. Our lantern roofs are perfect for properties that are darker, and feature minimal windows, as they will inject brightness to make the room more comfortable to use.

Unlike standard roof lantern designs, our products feature glass to glass joins with minimal bars. This gives it a frameless feel, and prevents a bulky frame from obscuring the view, thus allowing more light to enter the space. The contemporary designs of our roof lanterns create a stunning focal point for any building, and will perfectly complement any style of architecture, whether it be new or traditional.

Contact Finepoint today, and we can help you design the perfect aluminium roof lanterns for your London or UK home. We offer our lanterns in a range of styles and designs, which can be tailored to suit your exact project requirements. Whether it be within your home or in a commercial building, our team are experts in designing the perfect roof lanterns, to suit any building.

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An Excellent Service

At Finepoint, we have years of experience in supplying and installing the finest and highest quality roof lanterns. We ensure that every client is provided with a product that is designed for them and offers the best standards of performance and longevity. With Finepoint, you can put your trust in us to provide you with a world class service.

To give you complete peace of mind that you’re investing in the best roof lanterns in the UK, the systems are incredibly easy to care for and is designed using self cleaning and solar reflective glass. This provides excellent functionality that will require little maintenance from yourself, and prevent the need for repair or replacement in the future.

Contact Us For Roof Lantern Prices in London & the UK

To find out more about how our aluminium roof lanterns can add modern flair to your residential or commercial property, contact the Finepoint team today. From the moment you get in touch, our expert team will be able to guide you through all of what we offer, and give you a bespoke price for your new roof lanterns.

You can contact us on 01923 229949 or use our contact form to send us any questions you may have. We have a clever online quoting system that allows you to choose the products your interested in. We will then be in touch with you to discuss a price for your exact roof lanterns specifications.


  • Where should a roof lantern be placed?

    Hallways and corridors are ideal for roof lanterns as they do not suffer from overlooking or condensation issues and can help bring plenty of light into your home.

  • How long does a roof lantern last?

    Typically, a skylight usually lasts anywhere between eight and 15 years, with the latter being if it has been looked after well during those years.

  • Are roof lanterns noisy when raining?

    A roof lantern’s design features a large amount of glazing which renders them vulnerable to outside noise, such as traffic or rainfall.

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