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Have you ever looked up at the open sky above and wished you could bring a little bit of that freedom and fresh air into your own home? With bespoke sliding rooflights, now you can. These custom skylights are engineered from the ground up to deliver one-of-a-kind sliding glass roof solutions tailored to your space and style. Made in-house with premium materials, the possibilities for shape, size, and function are nearly endless.

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Introducing Our Bespoke Sliding Rooflight System.

Our custom sliding rooflight system opens up a world of possibilities for open-air living. These made-to-order skylights can be designed to your exact specifications so you can create the perfect solution for your space.

Sliding Rooflights For Every London & UK Property

The rooflights are manufactured in-house using the highest quality materials to ensure maximum functionality and weather resistance. Their bespoke nature means we can craft rooflights of virtually any shape, size or configuration to suit your needs. Circular, triangular or rectangular—if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Sliding rooflights provide the maximum amount of natural light by opening fully to connect your interior space to the outside. On nice days, slide them open to transform the space and bring the feeling of being outdoors in.

Our rooflights are fully automated for your convenience. At the touch of a button, you can open, close or tilt them to your desired position. They can also be integrated into home automation systems.

Safety and security are top priorities in our design. Our rooflights feature built-in locks, anti-slip surfaces and wind/rain sensors to automatically close the panels if needed. Toughened glass and powder-coated aluminum profiles provide lasting protection from the elements.


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Sliding box rooflight

Sliding Rooflights Tailored to You

We use a minimalist, flush-fitting frame to provide an uninterrupted view of the sky while closed. When open, the rooflights neatly stack to the side or retract into the roof space. The overall low-profile, streamlined design has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic suitable for any designs.

With a range of glazing options from clear to tinted or even frosted glass, we have a solution for controlling light, heat and privacy to suit your needs.

Our bespoke sliding rooflights redefine open-air living by bringing customized solutions for connecting your interior space to the outside world. Transforming, stylish and fully-automated, they are the ultimate rooflight experience tailored to your unique space.


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High Quality Sliding Glass Rooflights

Sliding rooflights adapt to how you want to use the space. Fully closed, they act as an attractive skylight. Partially open, they ventilate and provide some daylight. Fully open, they transform the area into an open-air space. Their flexibility allows you to control the environment based on the weather, seasons, and your needs.

Bespoke sliding rooflights deliver innovative, made-to-order solutions for open-air living. Their custom design and adaptability provide natural light, improved ventilation, access to outdoor space and energy efficiency—benefits that enhance any home.

Design Your Dream Sliding Rooflight

When designing your bespoke sliding rooflight, the possibilities are endless. You can create a masterpiece that suits your unique needs and enhances your lifestyle.

Do you want to be able to walk through your rooflight onto a roof terrace? Or do you prefer a smaller rooflight to let in more natural light? The bespoke system can be customized to virtually any size or shape you desire, whether circular, square, rectangular or otherwise. The only limit is your imagination!

Sliding Rooflights Prices in London & the UK

If you are interested in our collection of sliding rooflights for your residential to commercial project in London, then please get in touch with the Foinepoint team today. We can provide you with an exceptional collection of sliding rooflights that are ideal for all properties. They come in a range of styles and designs are incredible competitive and affordably priced.

If you would like to request a free quote for your new sliding rooflights, then contact our team today and we can give you a bespoke price based on your rooflight specifications. If you have any further questions about how rooflights can benefit your property, then you can give the Fienpoint team a call on 01923 229 949 or fill out our online form with any queries you may have.

If you are an architect and want to enhance your knowledge and skills, then we can also provide you with CPD presentations. Get in touch with our team to find out more about how you can take part.

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