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Revolutionise residential or commercial temperature control with our innovative heated glass. Wherever you are in London or the UK, enquire today or read more below.

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Invisible Space Heating and Condensation Control.

Heated glass can be your invisible radiator. Heat spaces efficiently and quickly using radiant heat generated within the glazed panels and controlled from your thermostat or integrated Building Control system.

Heated Glass – For Homes and Business in London and the Whole of the UK

A Hidden Heat Source

Heated windows or heated glass screens will control the temperature in your property while remaining invisible to the naked eye. Your room will be warm and comfortable; it will also exhibit a more streamlined look, as your heating source won’t protrude into your living area.

A Better Use of Space

Because your glass will be generating the warmth you need, you won’t need to install radiators or other heat-generating devices. Instead, you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have available – by placing furniture around your room’s edges.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Our heated glass is popular with our customers in London and the rest of the UK. Its ability to prevent condensation from forming means it has a practical benefit – as the installation will prevent issues commonly caused by dampness or cold air from occurring.

A Tailored Product

The Finepoint team will talk you through the heated glass options available. From choosing a glass of the right thickness, through to recommending the best place to put it, we’ll be available to support you. Get in touch by calling 01923 229 949 or emailing us.

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How Does Heated Glass Work?

An opaque coating is added to the glazed area. An electrical current then passes through the top and bottom of the unit via a dedicated mechanism that is hidden, which means it won’t disrupt the appearance of your newly installed glass.

As the electrical current makes contact with the see-through coating, it creates warmth. The power input can be adjusted to achieve your desired effect – to heat the glass, for example, or stop unwanted condensation or ice from forming.

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Heated Glass - Your Choices

Whatever your requirements, we’ll find a tailored glass solution that meets the specifications of your project. We’ve worked on residential and commercial projects in London, and throughout the UK, so we’re perfectly positioned to help you.

Heated glass can be used to warm an indoor swimming area; it is also used in extensively glazed rooms and is commonly found in heritage properties, as it enables homeowners to overcome planning restrictions imposed by their local authority.


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Glazing and Framing Options

We’ve completed installations throughout London and the UK using a flexible and customised approach that works. Our heated glass can be supplied in single or triple glazed units, depending on the nature of the project.

If you want to maximise the glazed area of your installation – and fill your room with lots of light – a frameless option is available. Alternatively, the unit can be fitted directly into a framework. Contact us for further guidance.

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Improved Thermal Efficiency

Heated glass will keep your home or office warm while preventing cold air and damp from entering. Your revised environment will be more thermally efficient as a result and produce a lower U-value score.

Your glass will reward you with improved comfort and more. You’ll notice a reduction in your heating costs and your carbon footprint will shrink. Environmentally and economically, our heated glass makes sense.


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Your Space, Your Choice

Complete the design of your new indoor swimming area, large-span conservatory or heritage home with our market-leading heated glass. Enjoy a revised space that’s brighter, warmer and uncluttered.

We design, test and build the products we install. This means that we have an in-depth understanding of the glass that we install for our customers and can unlock the best possible solution for them.

You’ll only ever have to worry about one point of contact when you choose Finepoint Glass as your installer, which means the entire process will be easy and stress-free.

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Technical Information


Heating Room Up 300-500W/m2 | Glass Temperature = 55°C
Anti Condensation 100-200W/m2 | Glass Temperature = 35°C
Anti Chill 100W/m2 | Glass Temperature = 25°C
Defrost 500W/m2 | Glass Temperature = 60°C
U-Values 0.2W/m²K
Unit Size Up to 3m x 2m
Mains Powered 230V

Heated Glass Cost – London and UK-Wide


To find out how much heated glass costs, contact a member of the Finepoint Glass team to discuss your requirements. You can call us on 01923 229 949 or send us a message to request a call back.

We cover all of the London boroughs and the rest of the UK, for residential and commercial customers. You can view examples of our work on our Projects page.

You can view our heated glass products at our showroom. Book an appointment with us online, so that we can give you our full attention when you visit.

If you need help with a large project, please ask about our other products. We can design and install bi-fold doors, innovative glass, casement windows and more.

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