Solar Control Glass: Explore Benefits, Meaning & Uses

solar control glass

Buildings with large glazed areas, especially with glass roofs and glazing windows, get impacted by excess heat from the sun, and this increases the heat inside thereby causing a greater discomfort in the indoor environment. According to the Climate Change Committee, around 20% of homes, i.e. 4.5 million homes, get overheated even in cool summers. 

The solution to just allow the natural daylight and filter the sun rays could be possible through solar control glass. Solar Control Glass keeps the environment cooler and also reduces the need to use air conditioners. Get to learn more about UV-protected glass and its benefits.  

What is Solar Control Glass?

Solar glass is made up of a specialist metallic coating applied to the glass and the coating reflects away the infrared radiations from the sun and just allows the UV light through the glass. This results in getting the maximum natural light indoors and reduces the heat from the sun. Solar control glass avoids overheating of the house and makes it more energy-efficient. It creates a comfortable living environment. 

Many types of solar glass offer different aesthetic options like tinted, neutral, and reflective. The tinted solar glass reduces the bleaching effect and blocks the UV rays up to 94%. The neutral solar glass maximizes the natural light and blocks the UV rays up to 87%. The reflective solar glasses allow the optimum daylight and reflect away about 70% of heat. 

Advantages of Solar Control Glass

Solar Control Glass has several advantages, they are used for various interior design products, as it blocks ultraviolet radiation and also lowers the cost. It reduces heat and ensures privacy. Here are the key advantages of solar control glass.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Solar Control Glass makes the building more energy efficient by reducing the usage of electricity and translating the same into cost savings. The solar glare reduction makes the indoor environment much cooler and lowers the energy consumption through air-conditioners. It promotes sustainability and reduces the effects of climate change.  

Improved Comfort

Whether it is home or office, solar control glass prevents glare from entering the indoor space. It is only the light that occupies your space, not the heat or glare, therefore it creates a pleasant and comfortable environment. It also gives you extreme privacy and that is why reflective solar control glasses are used for corporate offices. 

UV Protection

UV protection happens to be the significant quality of solar control glass. The Solar Control glass captures the UV rays and only lets the UV light inside and locks the natural light. This feature of solar glass helps the prevention of fading of carpets, furniture, and any other sort of artwork in the house. Beyond all the materialistic things, it keeps your skin protected from UV rays and contributes to overall well-being.  

Aesthetic Value

Natural light has numerous advantages, from physiological benefits to improving the aesthetics of your home decor and furniture. When it comes to the design and appearance of the structure, they create a dynamic and engaging exterior, thereby adding advantages for both external and internal environments.

How Does Solar Control Glass Work?

Sunlight produces long waves and short waves, the long waves cannot pass through the glass, whereas the short waves pass through the solar glass. The process here is that the short waves are absorbed by the glass from outside and the energy gets re-radiated from inside as longwave. The infrared radiation gets trapped by bumping against the glass and would not be allowed to pass through, this process is called the greenhouse effect. 

The solar control glass works with the effect of three processes for solar glare reduction and they are reflection, absorption, and transmission. In reflection, the solar radiation gets reflected, in absorption the solar radiation is absorbed and then re-radiated, and in transmission, the light passes through and provides optimal natural light.  

How Much Solar Control Glass Cost? 

Solar Glass comes in tinted, clear, or mirror finishes, each type is efficient in its way. But the price could be the issue. Currently, as per the building regulations, low-E glass is considered a minimum requirement. 

  • A double-glazed unit with Low-E glass would cost below £50/m2.
  • Whereas the same unit with an outer pane of solar control glass would cost more than £130/m2.  

Solar Control Glass could be used for both high-rise buildings and houses as well. When a single window allows plenty of sunlight, then solar control glass could be a cost-effective option in the long run. For any of those buildings, where overheating is an issue, solar control glass would be a great idea. 


Solar Control Glasses are the progressive solutions for dealing with overheating of homes. This UV protection glass comes with bigger windows and doors that enhance the natural light entering the home. Solar glasses are highly energy efficient and reduce energy consumption drastically. They are flexible, transparent, and lightweight. Solar Glasses are an essential element for their clear, long-lasting, adaptable, and environment-friendly approach. 


  • What are the disadvantages of solar control glass?

They reduce the interior natural light and sometimes affect the aesthetic appearance as well. They are also quite expensive and the retrofitting can be financially daunting. 

  • How long does solar glass last?

If properly taken care of, it can last up to 50 years. The coating does not break and lasts for a lifetime. 

  • Can solar control glass help in reducing energy costs?

Yes, because it reduces the heat inside the building, and that inturn helps to reduce the energy bill in the long run. 

  • Is solar control glass effective in blocking UV rays?

Solar Control Glass are designed to block UV rays, they absorb the UV rays and allow only the light inside, so that you can enjoy the natural light, without causing skin damage. 

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