Architectural Bronze.

The Perfect Architectural Finish For Your Project

If you’re looking for an architectural glazing company in London or the UK to help you with your project, Finepoint Glass has the perfect solution for you. We provide structural glazing with architectural bronze finishes that will create a luxurious and timeless design for any aluminium window or aluminium door.

Bronze is a great alternative to traditional steel and aluminium finishes. The bronze windows and doors offer a striking aesthetic that will greatly enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

Sometimes referred to as patinated bronze or brass, bronze architecture is a modern alloyed version of ancient bronze metals that have been used to manufacture windows and doors for centuries. If you’d like more information on our architectural bronze finishes, get in touch with Finepoint today.

We can also provide free CPD for architects.

Architectural Bronze Sliding Doors
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What is Architectural Bronze?

The modern alloy is made up form a mixture of copper, zinc, and other additional metals. The combination of these elements creates different bronze alloys that offer varied characteristics. The copper element of the bronze windows provides the material with exceptional levels of corrosion resistance.

The zinc element offers high levels of strength and durability. With bronze windows and doors, you can benefit from a long life span and enhance protection, that you can enjoy for several years. The result of the architectural bronze elements patinates and darken over time due to their exposure to light and moisture.

Bronze Architectural Finish for Double Glazing

Bronze Windows

By investing in bronze windows, you can benefit from a range of performance benefits. The superior levels of strength that can be achieved from this finish allow your architectural glazing to be durable and long lasting.

The patination process you achieve from architectural bronze creates a stunning aged appearance that will add character to your London or UK property. The aesthetic of bronze windows will differ slightly depending on your location and the exposure of the window.

The architectural bronze windows will need to be waxed. This will ensure the bronze finish of your windows won’t age too quickly.

Bronze Windows and Doors London
Bronze Doors for Architectural Glazing London

Bronze Sliding Doors

Bronze architecture is easily accessible to be used as a cladding material. By opting for a bronze finish for your doors, you can benefit from a design that gives your property that ‘wow’ factor you require.

The modern manufacturing techniques and thermal break technology of the architectural bronze doors makes it the perfect finish for your architectural glazing project. It’s the ideal cost-effective solution that offers a unique aesthetic that is incredibly durable.


Architectural Bronze Window & Doors Prices

If you’d like to receive more information on our bronze windows and bronze doors, then get in touch with Finepoint today. The unique finish will add character to any property in London or the UK.

We work with architects throughout the UK, and offer free CPD for architects so get in touch today and benefit from Finepoint Architectural Bronze finishes.

Contact us today by calling us on 01923 229 949 or send us a message via our online contact form. A member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our architectural finishes.

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