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Aluminium Sliding Doors for Homes in London and Throughout the UK

Finepoint glass offers a range of aluminium sliding doors, each of which will bring your home in London to life. Our InfiniGlide 6 can be installed at a height of up to 6.0m. Alternatively, explore our Panoglide profile to discover its thermal properties. Review our range of aluminium sliding doors to discover their benefits. More light, improved access and ventilation are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you ask Finepoint to fit ultra slim sliding doors in your London home. Our slimline aluminium sliding doors meet the highest standards. From a security standpoint alone, our products provide superb protection. Each door in our range meets the Secured by Design criteria for your peace of mind. Call Finepoint on 019233 229 949 or send us a message. You can also make an appointment using our online booking system. Whether you live in London or elsewhere in the UK, ask about our ultra slim sliding doors today.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Prices London

InfiniGlide 6.

Bring the outside closed when you choose the InfiniGlide 6 from our portfolio of aluminium sliding doors. Its frame and perimeter sash can be concealed, resulting in an entryway that appears to be composed almost entirely of glass.

The InfiniGlide 6 is perfect for homeowners who want aluminium sliding doors that will let in lots of light and create a sense of space. The Infiniglide 6 opens to threshold length so that access to your home in London will be easy.


The Infiniglide 3 is unlike other aluminium sliding doors. It is a concealable door that blends into its surroundings and provides outstanding views. Whether you live in London or a different part of the UK, ask about our ultra slim sliding doors.

How is the InfiniGlide 3 different to other aluminium sliding doors? It features a four-point locking system that will make your home safer and more secure. It can also be fitted with glass-to-glass corners, resulting in a streamlined look.


Our aluminium sliding doors combine outstanding performance with visually compelling designs. If you’re looking for aluminium sliding doors that have everything, the Panoglide will be your perfect match.

The Panoglide provides superb views. It also delivers superb thermal performance. This results in lower U-values (a score of 0.86 W/m²K is achievable). The profile of your door will reduce noise penetration.


The customers we work with in London and throughout the UK love the EdgeGlide. That’s because it can be customised to suit its surroundings. Choose from our range of colour matched hardware to complete your design and create a joined-up look.

The EdgeGlide lets in lots of light, while its 42mm profile creates beautiful sightlines. You can ask for a two-rail system (60mm) or three-rail system (106mm) – giving you more choice. Your aluminium sliding doors will be watertight and wind resistant.

InfiniGlide 6


Homeowners throughout the UK and London value comfort. Perhaps that’s why the InfiniGlide is such a popular choice. Its strong thermal performance means it will keep your home warm year-round. A U-value of 0.7 W/m²K or lower can be achieved with this design.

If you’ve been looking for aluminium sliding doors that will make your home comfortable, choose the InfiniGlide. You’ll notice a reduction in your heating costs too, and your carbon footprint will shrink. Find out more by contacting the Finepoint team today.


Whether you live in London, or a different part of the UK, you can’t escape the British weather. The InfiniGlide is both wind-resistant and watertight. Unlike some aluminium sliding doors, this product will tolerate harsh weather and reward you with long-term performance.

Infiniglide 6
Maximum panel width 3000mm
Maximum panel height 6500mm
Maximum panel weight 1000kg
Threshold height 58mm
Glazing thickness 30-54mm
Glazing method Structurally bonded
Minimum Sightline 24mm
Frame depth
1 Rail 67mm
2 Rail 137mm
3 Rail 207mm
4 Rail 277mm

InfiniGlide 3


Our aluminium sliding doors produce stunning sightlines. The InfiniGlide 3 offers more than good looks, though. Once installed, it will make your home more efficient at retaining heat. A U-value of at 01.3 W/m²K is achievable with this design.

Discover why homeowners in London and throughout the UK are choosing the InfiniGlide 3. This door won’t just make your living space warmer. It will also make your home quieter, thanks to its acoustic blocking properties.

How will the InfiniGlide 3 make your home quieter? The technology used in its design can achieve market-leading levels of acoustic insulation. Your aluminium sliding doors will make your home a more peaceful place to spend time in.

Finepoint has fitted the InfiniGlide 3 in London and other UK locations. It is a popular choice for customers who live in busy areas – at an intersection, or on a busy street, for example. Find out more by contacting our team for details.

InfiniGlide 3 1080
Maximum panel width 2200mm
Maximum panel height 3000mm
Maximum panel weight 320kg
Threshold height 44mm
Glazing thickness 26-30mm
Glazing method Structurally bonded
Minimum Sightline 20mm
Frame depth
1 Rail 116mm
2 Rail 116mm
3 Rail 182mm



The PanoGlide offers stunning views of the outside. The thickness of its glazing is 14-55mm, and you’ll be able to enjoy a minimal sightline of 50mm. Connect your home to your garden when you choose this design from our portfolio of aluminium sliding doors.

Aluminium sliding doors are becoming more commonplace – not just in London, but throughout the UK. Find out more about the PanoGlide by contacting us or, better still, making an appointment to see us at our dedicated showroom.


Like all our aluminium sliding doors, the PanoGlide has been tested to ensure it provides exceptional thermal efficiency. You’ll experience U-values of at least 0.86 W/m²K, which means your room will be comfortable year-round.

Our PanoGlide continues to be a popular choice for customers living in London and the rest of the UK. Its thermally efficient profile makes it the perfect choice for homeowners wanting to reduce their heating costs and carbon footprint.

Maximum panel width 3400mm
Maximum panel height 3400mm
Maximum panel weight 400kg
Threshold height 50mm
Glazing thickness 14-55mm
Glazing method Internally beaded
Minimum Sightline 50mm
Frame depth
1 Rail 161mm
2 Rail 161mm
3 Rail 251mm



Naturally, you’ve been looking for aluminium sliding doors that will enhance the style and themes of your home. The hardware used in the EdgeGlide can be customised so that your installation suits its new surroundings.

Your slimline aluminium sliding doors will blend in with the rest of your home, while creating a perfect portal through which to view your garden. The minimal use of frame means light penetration into your room will be ample.

Maximum panel width 2200mm
Maximum panel height 2600mm
Maximum panel weight 200kg
Threshold height 47mm
Glazing thickness 14-26mm
Glazing method Wrap-around
Sightline (Typical) 42mm
Frame depth
2 Rail 60mm
3 Rail 106mm

Choose Finepoint to Install Your Aluminium Sliding Doors

Having explored our range of slimline aluminium sliding doors, you may have settled upon a design that suits your home improvement ambitions. The next question that you need an answer to is: ‘Why Choose Finepoint?’


Finepoint is a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). This means that our products and service is assessed by impartial third parties. Our accreditations mean you can buy aluminium sliding doors from us with confidence.

Residential & Commercial

We can cater to the needs of home and business owners in London and UK-wide. Whether you need aluminium sliding doors for a residential or commercial project, we will be able to help you find the right products at the right price.

Our Range of Products

Finepoint offers a market-leading range of aluminium sliding doors to customers in London and the whole of the UK. We also design and manufacture other high-end products that you can enquire about when contacting us.

If you’re interested in glass, look at our bespoke staircases and balustrades. We can also fit casement windows and doors. Are you looking for a way to open out your home? Then ask about our space-creating bi-folding doors.

Finepoint has everything you need for your home improvement project. If you live in London, come and see us at our dedicated showroom. We cover the whole of the UK, so please call or send us a message if you live elsewhere.

Niche Aluminium Sliding Doors

Industry-Leading Partners

To make sure our products are industry-leading, we’ve selected the best industry partners. Schueco, ALUK and Saint-Gobain are just of the companies we work with to ensure we meet the high standards that you deserve.

A Track Record of Success

Finepoint is experienced at finding the right solutions for its customers. We work with commercial and residential clients in London and UK-wide, which means we’ll help you find the right slimline aluminium sliding doors.

To view examples of our work, visit Finepoint’s Project page. There you’ll be able to view examples of our commercial and residential installations. If you have any questions, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

National Coverage

We install aluminium sliding doors for customers in London and throughout the UK. Many of our clients are based in different countries, such as Europe, Africa, Dubai, India and the United States of America.

No Outsourcing

You’ll only need to worry about one point of contact when you choose Finepoint to fit your aluminium sliding doors. We are a manufacturer and fabricator with extensive experience of working with glass and aluminium – so you’ll be in safe hands and won’t need to worry about managing multiple relationships.

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