Anodised Aluminium

A stunning and durable architectural finish for your project.

Anodised Aluminium London

A Highly Secure And Durable Finish For Your Structural Glazing

Anodised Aluminium Structural Glazing

Here at Finepoint, we offer a range of unique finishes for our architectural glazing solutions. Our anodised aluminium finish is a long-lasting and incredibly durable finish that is ideal for coastal and inland projects.

If you’re looking to upgrade your UK home with a high performance finish, then we have the ideal solution for you. Our anodised aluminium from Reynaers is the perfect way to finish your aluminium doors and windows.

Working with an industry-leading manufacturer, you are guaranteed to receive high quality aluminium anodised windows and doors that exceed standards of quality, giving you a product you can enjoy for several years.

If you’d like more information our full range of finishes and structural glazing solutions, get in touch with Finepoint today.

Anodised Aluminium Windows London

Aluminium Anodised Profiles

Unlike powder coatings that are widely used for aluminium products, anodised aluminium profiles appear natural and are also incredibly resistant to corrosion. For coastal properties exposed to the sea elements, the anodised aluminium finish is the ideal solution for you. The coating is part of the metal, so you won’t see your architectural structures chip, flake or blister over time.

The durability of the anodised aluminium frame will keep your architectural glazing in London, or the UK protected year after year. Harsher weather climates will not affect the appearance of your slimline sliding doors or aluminium windows. If you notice any build up of debris on your aluminium frame, then wipe down the anodised surface with a damp cloth that has been soaked in any common solvent. Aluminium that has been anodised will not breakdown from any solvent based products.

Anodising Aluminium glass systems
Anodised Aluminium Finish UK

Aluminium Anodising Colours

The unique finish gives a metal appearance, which in result will give your property a contemporary metallic sheen. Not only will your architectural improvement perform well, but they will also look stunning.

The anodised aluminium frame can be tailored to suit a vast spectrum of colours, allowing you to generate designs that perfectly suit your residential or commercial UK property. The special aluminium finish reacts differently to sunlight and artificial light, making it resistant to colour fastness.

This means you won’t have the worry of your bespoke aluminium anodised doors or aluminium anodised windows fading over a period of time.

Anodised Aluminium Doors London

Aluminium Anodised Process

The create an anodised finish for the frame of your aluminium windows or doors, there is a technical process that takes place. It is necessary to pass an electric current from cathode to anode. A cathode is a negative charged electrode that attracts a positive charge. The anode is the positive electrode. This means that the aluminium extrusion becomes the anode, and the anodising tanks are typically the cathodes.

This process results in the aluminium and oxygen reacting to create aluminium oxide that becomes the anodising film that is used for the coating. The longer the extrusion is left in the tank, the thicker to coating becomes.

Depending on what colour you’re after, different colouring methods will be carried out. A professional anodiser will use electro colouring to create darker shades, whilst a combination method will be used to create more natural anodised aluminium finishes.

Aluminium Anodising Prices

If you’d like more information on our anodised aluminium finishes, then get in touch with Finepoint today. Our range of unique anodised finishes will greatly enhance the functionality of your structural home improvements, making them a worthwhile investment for your London or UK property.

Alternatively, we offer marine powder coated profiles which can provide you with a similar appearance as anodised aluminium does.

We will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding our aluminium anodising finishes. Send us a message via our online contact form or give us a call on 01923 229 949.

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