Bespoke Interior Glazing

Transform a residential or commercial space in London or the UK with our bespoke interior glazing. Read more about our glazing options below.

bespoke interior glazing

At Finepoint Glass, we create bespoke interior glazing products for homes and businesses in London and in the UK. Our selection of options gives you the chance to design the ideal space for your needs that looks bright, airy and effortlessly modern. With this range of bespoke interior glazing, you can transform your space for good. And, thanks to our design team, you’ll get a bespoke product that’s tailored to you.

When you choose Finepoint, you’ll always get bespoke interior glazing for your space. No matter what you’re looking for, our team can assist in creating a striking, stunning and specific design to suit your needs. We can offer glass staircases, glass balustrades, interior glass doors and even wine cellars for your next project. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss our bespoke interior glazing options!

Bespoke Glass Staircases

Our range of glass staircases are a striking bespoke interior glazing solution. A glass staircase can act as the focal point of any space, drawing attention with its sleek, streamlined finish. Our glass staircases are bespoke, meaning they’ll suit your space seamlessly. Not only that, they’re made-to-measure designs.

Finepoint have a trusted design team that will help you create your bespoke glass staircase with ease. Our innovative approach and years of industry experience allow us to work with any project requirements, no matter the complexity. Our glass staircases are also low-maintenance designs, meaning they’ll stand the test of time.

bespoke glass staircase

Bespoke Glass Balustrades

If your home or business has a balcony or an outdoor space, then our glass balustrades could be the ideal bespoke interior glazing solution for you. Balustrades surround the space without blocking out light, meaning you get a sleek design that protects you, too. Our glass balustrades can resist high pressure as well, making them secure.

Working with carefully sourced partners, our glass balustrades are high-quality designs. Your new installation will perform for decades without wear or corrosion. And, with their sleek design, glass balustrades blend well with a range of materials. As a result, they’ll suit almost any home or commercial space.

structural glazing
bespoke interior glass doors

Bespoke Interior Glass Doors

You can open the door to a world of possibilities with our range of bespoke interior glass doors. With double glazing in their design, bespoke glass doors are energy efficient, secure and highly durable for homes and commercial buildings. At Finepoint, we make sure every door is different by offering a wide range of options and customisable features. As a result, you can always find the right door for your needs.

Finepoint’s fantastic range of bespoke interior glass doors includes aluminium, frameless glass, aluminium sliding, steel, slimline, Uber, casement and Unifold designs. Because of this, you’ll be spoilt for choice for adding a new entrance to your space. You can also speak to Finepoint’s design team to get a made-to-measure door that meets your requirements. You’ll get a door that lasts for decades with us!

bespoke wine cellars

Bespoke Glass Wine Cellars

At Finepoint, we also offer bespoke glass wine cellars as one of our interior glazing solutions. If you and your friends like a glass or two on special occasions, then our wine cellars keep the bottles ready without taking up space. We can find room in your home or commercial building that’s underused, such as an underfloor section, to fit your cellar. As a result, you can improve your space’s storage capacity without losing room to enjoy it.

Our bespoke wine cellars have durable structural glazing, meaning your wine will be secure for years to come. Not only that, the cellar pod is concealed, meaning you can keep it out of sight for further security. And, to ensure a high-quality tasting experience, our pods are temperature-controlled. Because of this, you’ll be able to pull out the ideal bottle of wine knowing that it’s already at the ideal temperature.

Bespoke Interior Glazing Prices

Finepoint Glass is a name you can trust to install bespoke interior glazing in London and the UK. We have decades of experience installing high-quality structural and architectural glazing, and we always install made-to-measure designs.

Not only that, we work with market-leading companies to offer the best products available. For example, AluK and Vetrotech are our trusted partners for glass balustrades, ensuring industry-leading quality across the range.

If you’d like to see how much investing in bespoke interior glazing could cost, give us a call on 01923 229049 or use our online booking system to make an appointment. Alternatively, visit our friendly team at our showroom to explore our full range of bespoke interior glazing solutions.


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