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Bespoke Interior Balustrades


Finepoint's interior bespoke glazing combines an elegantly look with
integral strength and robust performance, offering an understated lightness suitable for both classic and modern buildings.
Our specialist structural interlayer frameless balustrade has increased post failure strength and is excellent
for use as an emergency exit.

Bespoke Interior Glazing

Glass Fire Rated Screen

FinePoint’s Fire Resistance Glass Panels can be used on any surface with any fire resistance requirement and we can
assist in choosing the right level of fire resistance for the glazing elements. 

Glass Fire Rated Screen

Frameless Fire Rated Doors

Frameless Fire Rated Doors
combine contemporary designs and maximum transparency with all fire safety requirements.
The doors are fully glazed perfectly suited for sub fire compartment partitions and protected escape routes. Finepoint's
Frameless Fire Rated Doors improve safety while offering a modernised solution.

Frameless Fire Rated Doors

Internal Glass Floors

Internal Glass floors are an innovative method to bringing natural light into hallways, reception areas, and basements,
providing the perfect interior glazing. The natural sunlight can also provide added warmth.
Reflecting an architectural and artistic statement, the sandblasted glass
can provide a non-slip finish for communal areas.

Glass Floor

FinePoint Glass Staircase

Timelessly simple and elegant, glass staircases are a visually stunning way of adding light into a residential or commercial space.
Our specialist toughened glass is of the highest quality and durability. The glass can be sandblasted for a non-slip finish
andcan also be embellished with colours or inter-layering materials, such as photo prints and fabrics, to create amore
decorativeand personal finish. Finepoint offer bespoke interior glazinglike you have never seen before.

Glass Staircase

Want to see more pictures? Have a look at our Interior Glazing Gallery.

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Frameless Glass Balustrade


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