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Bespoke and Structural Glazing

Whether you are designing and building a residential development on the outskirts of town or a new commercial property in a city-centre location, bespoke glazing is something that should be included in your architectural plans right from the very start. The use of custom structural glazing products in new buildings can add real value to your construction projects in a number of different ways. 

The problem with standard glazing is that everybody has access to the same range of products, leading to very similar building designs no matter how creative or innovative the people behind the designs happen to be. However, give these same people access to bespoke exterior glazing, and you open up a whole new world of possibilities as far as building design is concerned. Creating unique buildings for demanding clients is an excellent way to add real value to your development projects and to encourage new business as a result of your innovation.

FinePoint's Structural Glazing has been designed to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a building without
compromising on internal warmth. Using FinePoint framework and frameless detailing at the edges, all fixings and brackets
are hidden allowing complete transparency, giving a contemporary edge to your bespoke glazing.

Structural Glazing

Sliding Glass Roof Lights

Sliding Glass Roof Lights can open up an entire space to the outdoors creating an unimpeded view of the sky above.
Our bespoke glazing design process caters for every project and clients can specify bi-parting stacking,
or sliding the glass over the terrace itself. The exterior roof glazing edges are all flush,
allowing water to run-off while also maintaining maximum security and internal insulation.

Bespoke Glazing

Walk On Roof Lights

Walk On Roof Lights feature toughened glass and flush profiling. They fill a space with natural light without compromising
on security or internal insulation and warmth. These bespoke roof glazing designs can be tailored to fit every project with
contemporary shapes and raked edge walks.

Bespoke Exterior Glazing

Hinged Roof Lights

Classically designed, Hinged Roof Lights bring natural light into any space. FinePoint offers a simple manual and an
electric operating system with low noise and a fast action.

Hinged Roof Lights

If you would like to create new building designs that are not limited by the glazing products currently being manufactured and sold in the United Kingdom, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements in detail. We can design and produce high quality bespoke exterior glazing to your personal specifications - using the very best materials - thanks to our extremely capable design and manufacturing teams.

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Frameless Glass Balustrade


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