Structural Glazing, Newcastle

In Newcastle, Finepoint Glass provides a customised range of goods that are perfect for people searching for unique solutions for their structural glass project. Send us an email right now to learn more.

With the help of our skilled structural glazing services in Newcastle, you can transform any space into an enthralling centre point.

We provide outstanding structural glazing solutions for homes and businesses in Newcastle and all of London, United Kingdom.

Glass Extensions

Finepoint Glass is a master at using our customised line of glass box extensions to create the perfect accents for homes in Newcastle. Our glass extensions are renowned for their amazing vistas, ability to flood interior spaces with natural light, exceptional thermal efficiency, and sophisticated designs that go well with both traditional and contemporary interior design. With our assistance and our superior structural glazing, you will be able to create the ideal extension for your Newcastle home 

We guarantee that every project we work on will make use of the newest advancements in glazing technology, giving our clients a range of smart glass alternatives for their brand-new additions. With this glass’ exceptional thermal efficiency, your space will always be cosy. In addition, we offer heated glass choices to keep everything cosy in the winter. Speak with us right now to find out more about the various options available in Newcastle.

Structural Glazing in London & the UK

Glass Balustrades

With their sophisticated and modern style, our glass balustrades in Newcastle can be the perfect finishing touch for your home. They serve several purposes, including atrium support, sliding panels, balconies, and steps. Take a look at our incredible selection to see why glass balustrades are becoming a more popular option.

To create a contemporary and eye-catching design, combine elements like wood, stone, and metal with your glass balustrade arrangement when utilising Finepoint Glass. With our incredible selection of structural glazing, you can transform your house or place of business into an exceptional, practical, and fashionable area. Among the many exceptional features from our wide range of structural glazing options that will impress your Newcastle clientele is a robust and striking glass balustrade.

Glass Wine Cellars

You have arrived at the right place if you’re in Newcastle and wondering how to give your house or place of business a unique and eye-catching piece of structural glass. With our superb range of glass wine cellars, you can display your wine collection and make a striking display in any kitchen or dining room. These vaults stand out for their exceptional structural glazing designs and have an underground pod with temperature control to store up to 1000 wine bottles.

Do you wish your home to have a more upscale look? Our custom wine cellars make the ideal focal point in any space. In addition to taking breathtaking pictures, they maintain your wine cold and ready to drink in any conditions. Explore our selection to select the perfect addition for your Newcastle home.

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Glass Staircases

Are you hoping to give your Newcastle house a unique makeover? Our glass stairways are the ideal remedy! These staircases may completely change the look of your room and provide a visually striking path through your house or place of business because of their exceptional usefulness and stylish design.

Our glass staircases are the perfect option for anyone looking for a sturdy and stylish solution for their home or place of business. We are happy to provide a selection whose superb craftsmanship and elegant appeal elevate any setting. Take advantage of this chance to browse our collection of bespoke glass staircases and see what we can do for your Newcastle house.

Structural Glass Extensions London

Bespoke Structural Glazing in Newcastle

Whether your Newcastle home is traditional or modern, we can customise our structural glazing choices to meet your unique requirements. We are here to offer complete support, from the beginning to the meticulous quality inspections that come after completion. Consider incorporating our state-of-the-art smart glass into your glazed addition for an extra layer of cosiness. We have low-energy and heated glass options in our inventory! The aluminium profiles that hold your glass in place also come in a range of finishes, including bronze effect, anodized aluminium, and Cor-Ten Steel.

Customers in Newcastle and the UK’s neighbouring places can depend on our experience for design and reconstruction services, which include high-quality aluminium frames. You may create buildings with this material that have slim frames and expansive views, allowing you to enjoy breath-taking views and an abundance of natural light.

Expertly Crafted Extensions

If you want to maximise thermal efficiency with your structural glazing extension, choose Finepoint Glass. Your structural glass will have a tight seal thanks to our expert installation, reducing air loss from your building. As a result, both energy consumption and prices have significantly decreased.

Finepoint Glass structural glazing in Newcastle is designed to offer reliable protection throughout the year from all types of weather. Modern thermal efficiency technology is used in our solutions to minimise environmental effect, save energy expenses, and maintain the perfect temperature in your living space. Get in touch with us right now to find out why our clients choose us for their specific structural glazing needs.

Free Design Consultations for Glass Extensions in Newcastle

Make an appointment, use our free design consultation tool, email us, or call 01923 229 949 if you would like more information about our structural glass extensions in London. We would be happy to discuss the variety of structural glazing alternatives available in Newcastle. Our friendly customer service team is available to help you with any inquiries you may have regarding our extensions or any other goods and services offered in Newcastle. 

Our team consists of knowledgeable glass specialists and architects who can handle projects of any size or complexity. We are excited to start working on creating your special structural glazing solution right now.

Finepoint Glass offers a complete solution for glazed extensions and other architectural glazing systems to clients in Newcastle, London, and the UK. Regardless of the scale of the project, our knowledgeable and talented artisans promise to provide outstanding custom glass installations to both residential and commercial clients, transforming their spaces into breathtaking focal points. With our proficiency in glass production and aluminium fabrication, we guarantee exceptional results for every project.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • What are glass extensions?

    A great method to improve your living space is to add a glass addition to your house. Your living room, kitchen, or any other room in your house could benefit from a glass extension to add plenty of natural light and a contemporary feel.

  • Will my glass extension stay warm in winter and cool in summer?

    Our state-of-the-art glass extensions ensure warmth in the winter and cool comfort in the summer thanks to their exceptional thermal efficiency.

  • Are glass extensions better than brick?

    Our glass extensions are well known for increasing the natural light coming into your home and making it look more beautiful. They offer unmatched thermal efficiency, are waterproof, and have exceptional durability.

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