Structural Glazing, Birmingham

If you’re in search of unique solutions for your structural glass project,in Birmingham, our custom selection at Finepoint Glass is designed to meet your needs. Contact us now for further details.

Elevate your space into a remarkable centrepiece through our expert structural glazing services in Birmingham.

We provide stunning structural glazing solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout London and the UK, encompassing Birmingham.  

Glass Extensions

At Finepoint Glass, we specialise in crafting the ideal additions for Birmingham residences with our bespoke selection of glass box extensions. Our glass extensions are renowned for offering spectacular views, flooding interiors with natural light, featuring advanced thermal efficiency, and presenting intricate designs that enhance any decor style, be it modern or traditional. With our assistance, you can realise the perfect extension for your Birmingham home, courtesy of premium structural glazing.

We are committed to ensuring every project benefits from the forefront of modern glazing technology, offering our clients a variety of smart glass options for their new extensions. This glass provides exceptional thermal efficiency, ensuring your space remains comfortable throughout the year. Additionally, we offer heated glass solutions to maintain a warm ambiance during the cooler seasons. Get in touch with us today to explore the array of choices available in Birmingham.

Glass Balustrades

Our glass balustrades in Birmingham might just be the perfect match for your property, offering a myriad of advantages including support for atriums, stairs, balconies, and sliding panels, all the while showcasing a sleek and stylish design. Experience firsthand why glass balustrades have become a standout choice – explore our breathtaking collection today.

With Finepoint Glass, you have the flexibility to integrate materials such as wood, stone, and metal with your glass balustrade setup for a contemporary and appealing appearance. Our exquisite selection of structural glazing can transform your home or business property into a remarkable, efficient, and fashionable space. Impress your Birmingham clients with a robust and striking glass balustrade, a highlight within our impressive array of structural glazing options available for your region.

Glass Wine Cellars

If you’re in Birmingham and dreaming of enhancing your home or business with a unique, eye-catching piece of structural glazing, you’re in the right place! Our exquisite range of glass wine cellars offers an ideal solution for storing your collection, transforming any kitchen or dining area into a visual masterpiece. These cellars boast remarkable structural glazing designs, capable of accommodating up to 1000 bottles of wine in a temperature-controlled, subterranean pod.

Seeking a touch of elegance for your home? Our custom wine cellars serve as the ultimate focal point for any room. Not only do they exhibit breathtaking aesthetics, but they also ensure your wine remains cool and ready for enjoyment in any season. Explore our collection to discover the perfect addition for your Birmingham property.

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Glass Staircases

Are you based in Birmingham and considering an exceptional addition to your home? Our glass staircases are the ideal choice! These staircases not only provide remarkable functionality but also enhance your space with their exquisite design, allowing for a visually unique journey within your premises.

If you’re in pursuit of an option that marries beauty with resilience for either your residence or commercial space, our glass staircases stand unparalleled. Our selection prides itself on superior craftsmanship and a contemporary flair that will illuminate any setting. Don’t hesitate – explore our custom collection of glass staircases today and discover what we can bring to your Birmingham property.

Structural Glass Extensions London

Bespoke Structural Glazing in Birmingham

No matter the type of property you possess in Birmingham, be it contemporary or classical, we can customise your structural glazing solutions to align with your needs. From the initial phase to the completion of our rigorous quality checks, we’re here to support you. To enhance your glazed extension, consider incorporating our innovative smart glass for that extra snug feel. Our offerings include thermally efficient glass, alongside options for heated glass! The aluminium profiles securing your glass come in various finishes as well, including Cor-Ten Steel, a bronze-effect, and an anodized aluminium look.

Clients in both the UK and Birmingham can rely on our expertise for design and reconstruction services, featuring high-quality aluminium framing. This material is ideal for creating structures with slender frames and expansive visibility, enabling you to savour stunning landscapes and a flood of natural daylight.

Expertly Crafted Extensions

Opt for Finepoint Glass for your structural glazing extension to prioritise thermal efficiency. Our specialised installation guarantees that your structural glass is sealed tightly, minimising air leakage from your property. This leads to a decrease in energy usage and substantial savings on those frustrating energy bills.

In Birmingham, Finepoint Glass’s structural glazing is crafted with a singular aim – to offer steadfast defence against all weather conditions throughout the year. Equipped with cutting-edge thermal efficiency technology, our installations ensure your living space remains at an optimal temperature, aiding in energy bill reductions and diminishing your ecological footprint. Discover why our clients select us for their custom structural glazing needs – get in touch with us today.

Free Design Consultations for Glass Extensions in Birmingham

If you’re keen on exploring more about our structural glass extensions in London, schedule an appointment, take advantage of our complimentary design consultation tool, drop us a line, or reach out to us at 01923 229 949 for more details. We’re eager to chat about the array of structural glazing options available in Birmingham. Should you have any questions about our extensions or any other products and services in Birmingham, our approachable customer service team is ready to assist.

Our crew comprises proficient architects and glass experts, skilled in handling projects of any scale and complexity. We’re excited to begin crafting your bespoke structural glazing solution today.


At Finepoint Glass, clients across London, Birmingham, and the UK are provided with an all-encompassing service for glazed extensions and other architectural glazing systems. Our skilled and specialised artisans commit to delivering premier custom glass installations to both residential and commercial clients, regardless of project size, turning their spaces into stunning highlights. Leveraging our expertise in glass production and aluminium fabrication, we ensure outstanding outcomes for all projects.

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  • What are glass extensions?

    Incorporating a glass extension into your home offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your living environment. Be it a kitchen, living area, or any other part of your dwelling, a glass extension can usher in abundant natural light and lend a contemporary touch to any setting.

  • Will my glass extension stay warm in winter and cool in summer?

    Our contemporary glazed extensions are designed for optimal thermal performance, ensuring warmth during winter and coolness throughout the summer months.

  • Are glass extensions better than brick?

    Our glass extensions are exceptional in flooding your home with natural light, enhancing its appeal as a beautiful addition. They boast remarkable durability, are waterproof, and offer superior thermal efficiency.

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