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Best Structural Glazing for Architects

Modern Structural Glazing for Architects If you are an architect looking for new systems to add to your architectural glazing collection, then the team at Finepoint have an incredible range of options for you to choose from. Structural glazing is ideal for architects that work on grand designs and want to create beautifully modern designs …
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The Benefits of Minimal Frame Windows & Doors

Finding the Best Minimal Frame Windows & Doors in London & the UK At Finepoint, we are the leading company in supplying and installing luxury structural glazing and architectural glazing systems. We can provide you with an incredible collection of aluminium windows and doors that are perfect for a selection of modern and period applications. …
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How can an Oriel Window modernise your home?

Oriel windows are a fantastic way to modernise any home in London or across the UK. These frameless box windows, sometimes known as a box window seat, can bring grandeur and luxury to modern and traditional properties alike. Oriel Windows have been popular since the Edwardian era. They have been a home improvement mainstay since …
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The Best Sliding Doors In London

We offer three different, high-quality sliding doors made from premium aluminium. No matter if you are a homeowner, property developer or business owner, we will be on hand to make your design goals a reality. The main appeal of installing sliding doors is enhancing access and improving ventilation. These designs meet the highest industry standards, …
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Why choose Frameless Windows?

Finepoint Glass offer a range of frameless windows that is the ideal choice for commercial and residential projects. We pride ourselves on supplying beautifully crafted profiles created using high-grade materials and robust double glazing. Frameless windows feature slim frames and expansive panels of glazing, creating a bright and spacious room in any size and shape …
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The Difference Between Glass roof lights and roof lanterns

Roofing solutions are available in a broad away of styles and configurations. There is a design for every style of home and roof. The right rooflight will transform any home, flooding dull or dark spaces with stunning, natural light, improving ventilation and give it the illusion of having more space. Glass roof lights and roof …
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Do You Need Planning Permission For Oriel Windows?

An Oriel Window is a popular glass window for designers, tradespeople and architects looking to create a 3D window design that protrudes from the face of the building. The structural glass construction is crafted from frameless glazing that is sealed together without any framework, instead of using structural grade silicone. Improve the durability and comfort …
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How high do Glass Balustrades need to be?

How high does a glass balustrade need to be? Within the UK, there are many building regulations multiple home improvement solutions have to adhere to in order to meet the mandatory requirements to be installed. Such building regulations also apply to our incredible range of balustrades. Read below to find out more.  As you may …
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What’s the difference between Structural Glazing and Architectural Glazing?

What is the difference between structural glazing and architectural glazing? For many people, structural glazing and architectural glazing are often incorrectly conflated together, assumed to be synonyms of each other, meaning the same thing. In actuality, structural glazing and architectural glazing refer to two different things, which we here at Finepoint will go into detail …
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How to Know which Sliding Door is the Right one?

 Which sliding door is the best choice for you? The Infiniglide 6 or the Infiniglide 3? Both are incredible sliding doors that offer both unrivalled stylish, and practical benefits to any property it is attached to. But which one is the best fit for you? Below we will be discussing the many different advantages both …
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