How to Know which Sliding Door is the Right one?

 Which sliding door is the best choice for you? The Infiniglide 6 or the Infiniglide 3? Both are incredible sliding doors that offer both unrivalled stylish, and practical benefits to any property it is attached to. But which one is the best fit for you? Below we will be discussing the many different advantages both the Infiniglide 3 and the Infiniglide 6 deliver and why they make the perfect home improvement solution for any property.

InfiniGLIDE 3

The Infiniglide 3 sliding door is renowned for offering incredibly sleek views with an incredibly sleek profile. With this slimline sliding door, property owners can benefit from a wide range of both aesthetic and practical benefits. Enjoy a panoramic view of the great outdoors with completely unobstructed sightlines, allowing for absolute immersion of your back garden or the nearby flora.

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What makes the Infiniglide 3 sliding door an impressive home improvement solution is its peerless ability to become a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your property. Glide uninterrupted from the comfort of your indoor space to the fresh air outside. This also allows for unrivalled levels of ventilation, as the outdoor wind breathes new life into your interior, keeping it cool during those hot Summer months.

However, just because the Infiniglide 3 is known for its openness and ability to connect the exterior and interior with ease doesn’t mean that it lacks security in any way. With a glazing thickness of 26-30mm that is structurally bonded, class 4 air permeability, class 7A in water tightness and class C5 in wind resistance, you will be sufficiently protected against any external threat outside, ensuring the safety of everyone within your property.

InfiniGLIDE 6

The Infiniglide 6  sliding door builds upon the impressive foundation of the aforementioned Infiniglide 3, whilst improving upon the formula to deliver a highly advanced and high quality home improvement solution that can drastically increase the quality of life at any property thanks to its expansive array of both aesthetic and practical benefits.

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Much like the Infiniglide 3, the Infiniglide 6 offers incredibly wide and all-encompassing sightlines for a completely uninterrupted glance onto the great outdoors, allowing for scenic views without ever having to leave the comfort of your interior – a perfect solution for those who enjoy viewing their back garden or nearby flora during the downpour. This sliding door sets itself apart thanks to its unrivalled minimalist profile, offering a nigh unobstructed sightline that seamlessly blends into your interior design. Thanks to its fully concealable frame and perimeter sash, allowing for an exceptionally thin profile frame that is mostly comprised of our 30-54mm thick glazing.

The Infiniglide 6 offers incredible thermal performance for any property it is attached to. With U-values as low as 0.7W/m² K, ensuring that property owners like you can benefit from a continuous stream of comfortable warmth, regardless of how hot or cold the weather is outside. Enjoy a warm and cosy interior without the need or cost of your central heating, saving you money in the long run, whilst offering uncompromised sightlines and unbeatable performance.

Which sliding door is the right one for you? The Infiniglide 3 or the Infiniglide 6? Both sliding doors offer incredible practical applications and stylish finishes that will make any property all the better. The Infiniglide 6 offers the many benefit and practical advantages that are often associated with a sliding door whilst transforming the classic home improvement solution with its wide selection of additional technical enhancements and improved security to match any modern property. The Infiniglide 6 builds upon the aforementioned, offering a truly revolutionised sliding door that delivers nigh unobstructed sightlines for that perfect view whilst delivering unmatched thermal performance. We also offer the best prices for the Infiniglide 6 you will find. Contact us today to get your quote.

When it comes down to it, choosing between these two fantastic sliding doors can prove to be a difficult decision. What really matters is which home improvement solution best matches your preferences, specific design specifications and property. To find out more about our Infiniglide range, simply get in touch with Finepoint today.

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