How to Get Scratches Off Glass: Proven Techniques

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It just takes a fraction of a second to get damaged, be it a scratch, a pebble hit, tussling of tree branches against the glass, or sometimes the scratch appears out of nowhere. Repairing that minor damage does not require a professional all the time. However it is important to address the minor damage immediately, and there is a solution for glass scratches before they develop into a crack. 

Here is our advice on how to get scratches off the glass with simple remedies, which saves you a lot of money. 

Understanding Glass Scratches

There are different types of glasses such as tempered, laminated, coated, and tinted. A scratch in tempered glass could break it into large shards and the scratch has to be treated before it shatters the glass, where laminated glass is safety glass, a scratch might lead to a crack breaking the surface layer of lamination. Glasses with coating are more prone to scratches, though it depends on the intensity of the scratch but a simple buff can remove the scratch immediately. When it comes to tinted glass, if the scratch is over the tint, it could be replaced immediately, while tinted glasses are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof.  

What Causes Scratches On Glass?

Glass is a strong material that withstands minor impacts. While the scratches on glasses are annoying, as it disturbs the view, and leads to glare. Over time it accumulates the glass and creates dullness. So, what causes scratches on glass? Here are the major factors that cause scratches on glasses are:

  • The material used to clean the glass, such as brushes, scrubbing pads, or any other sort of rough or abrasive materials causes further damage. 
  • Pet Claws 
  • Ball/ Object thrown against the glass
  • Tree Branches 
  • Improver washing using detergents
  • Road Debris

Understanding glass scratches depends on the detectability. To check the severity of scratches you can run your fingers over the surface, while minor scratches are quite difficult to detect, major or severe scratches are easy to detect. 

Scratches are of three types:

1. Superficial scratches: They are minor scratches barely detectable and could be repaired through home remedies.

2. Surface scratches: Detectable through fingernail, while DIY would not work on these scratches and needs professionals to repair.

3.  Sub-surface scratches: They form a larger gap in the glass and could lead to cracking and severe break. There should be an immediate replacement to avoid injuries. 

Methods To Remove Glass Scratches

There are simple methods to remove glass scratches by just using the materials available at home. But before attempting to try any of these methods, clean the surface to remove any debris or dirt. So how to get the scratches off the glass, here are the following solutions for glass care:

Using Toothpaste 

You will need white toothpaste for this, that contains baking soda and a lint-free cloth:

  • Apply a small dab of toothpaste on a cloth and with a small circular motion apply the toothpaste on the scratched glass surface for 30 seconds. Later wipe off the paste and check for results. Repeat the procedure for any further visible scratches. 

Using Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a common kitchen item in the cabinet. You will need baking soda, water, and a soft cloth.

  • Mix one part of baking soda and one part of water to form a pudding-like paste. Apply the paste onto the scratched areas in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Wipe it off and check for scratches, for repeated application. 

Using Liquid Pumice 

You will need liquid pumice soap and a soft cloth for this method of removal of scratches on the glass surface

  • Apply the liquid pumice soap up the scratch in a circular motion with a bit of pressure for about 30 seconds. Use a cloth to clean it and check if the scratch is polished away. Repeat the procedure and visible scratch. 

Using Fine Steel Wool 

Look for the finest grade of steel wool, that has the label #0000 steel wool. You will need fine steel wool and a fine cloth.

  • Take the fine steel wool and apply it in a circular motion on the scratch for 30 seconds. Rinse or wipe away the leftover residue to check for polishing the scratch away. 

Using Nail Polish

For this glass care, we will need a clear nail polish, a nail polish remover, and a microfiber towel. 

  • Clean the glass and apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the scratch. Let the polish dry for an hour. Once it is dried, clear the nail polish with the microfiber towel damped in nail polish remover. 

Professional Solutions for Glass Scratches

glass scratches solutions

Professional Glass care and scratch removal services offer technicians who are skilled and have undergone training to know the restoration technique. Hiring a professional shall save you time and effort. The depth and severity depend on the impact of the successful removal of the scratch. 

The professional solution for how to remove the scratches off glass includes the following:

  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Diamond pads and resins for a fine appearance
  • Employing Abrasive compounds and using buffing tools

Finepoint Glass offers a range of technical glass solutions in the UK. The glasses are manufactured with a high range of bespoke functional features. They provide technical solutions for glass scratches. 


DIY Methods are a great solution for minor glass scratches, but when the damage is more severe, then it requires a professional solution. Property owners must consider the option of consulting professional technicians when their DIY methods fail to reduce the glass scratch. Leaving severe scratches, DIY methods would resolve superficial scratches. Hope the DIY methods on how to remove the scratch off the glass gave an overview of dealing with glass scratch and glass care. 


  1. Does vinegar remove scratches from glass?

One part of vinegar and two parts of oil are the best solution for removing the scratch. Oil fills the scratch but this might not be a permanent solution.

  1. Can alcohol remove scratches from glass?

Rubbing alcohol along with non-abrasive products like baking soda would work effectively to fix a minor scratch. 

  1. Can all types of glass scratches be removed?

It depends on the severity of the scratch. Minor scratches could be removed through DIY methods, while severe ones would require professional technicians.

  1. How do I know if a scratch is too deep to remove myself?

Check the depth of the scratch, run your nails and if you see your nail catch on the scratch, it is not superficial and DIY methods would not work on it.

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