Innovative glass.

Heated Glass.

Heated glass can be your invisible radiator. Heat spaces efficiently and quickly using radiant heat generated within the glazed panels from mains power and controlled from your thermostat or integrated Building Control system.

Heated Glass

CUIN Super Insulating Glass.

Our super insulating glass offers triple glazing performance with thinner profiles and 30% less weight, offering the perfect solution for sliding elements where increased thermal performance is needed but without making the panels heavier to move.

CUIN Super Insulating Glass

Liquid Crystal Glass.

Switch your glass from clear to opaque and back again at will. By rearranging the liquid crystals within the laminated film, it is possible to switch the glass from opaque to clear and back again.

Liquid Crystal Glass

Electro-chromic Glass.

The glass can be adjusted between clear and more than 95% tint and controlled and pre programmed from a tablet or smartphone.

Electro-chromic Glass

Fire Rated Glazing.

Safety and peace of mind come with our fire rated glazing.

Fire Rated Glazing

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